howard hammermanI always wanted to fly. It started when I was about six years old, and my family went to the New Jersey State fair. I went up with my dad in a bi-plane for about ten minutes. That was enough, and I decided to become a pilot.

When I was finishing college, the armed forces were recruiting young men to fly missions in Viet Nam. I wanted to fly but I didn’t approve of the war. I went on to graduate school, but kept my dream.

I earned my doctorate and taught at Cornell University. After five years, I came to Washington, and took a job at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. I quit during the second Regan administration and started a consulting company.

That provided the financial means to get my pilot’s license and then an airplane.

The airplane cost way more than I thought it would. My wife was getting very angry. I was offered a lot of money to fly drugs. I declined and sold the plane just before the tragedy at the World Trade Center.

My wife and I have lived in Sarasota, FL since 2011. We have two grown sons and three grandchildren.